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“Any Minute Now” [Acoustic] by C. SHIROCK ft. Erin McCarley

Can there be a more beautiful collaboration than these two supernovas colliding and becoming one as they make “Any minute now” one of the best tracks I’ve ever heard. C. Shirock and Erin McCarley have united their exquisite voices and delivered the most wonderful ode to the reality behind the fantasy of love. But the magic dwells not in the honest verses but in the fact that it is not a tragic song but one that invites the two lovers to communicate and express their feelings and emotions to continue moving forward. It is a mature take on the fairy tails that we tell ourselves, it is perfect because it is something we can feel, see and understand for we might be there, have been there or will be there. Fantastic musical gem that I would recommend anyone on a heartbeat. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”C. Shirock”]“Any Minute Now” was the first song recorded and written for the 11 EP – it came quickly, and felt like an outpouring of a lot of pent up emotion and things I hadn’t yet found words for. Now it continues to evolve and continues to challenge me…to “lay down my weapons” in my conversation, in my relationship, and in my life…and to see with eyes of beginning. [/su_quote]

More behind the song with a short interview:

– What inspired the lyrics of “Any Minute Now”?
 “Any Minute Now” is about the ache and the wrestling that happens in relationships.  We often use our words as weapons and hurt the ones closest to us.  An idea that was birthed around the writing of this song, was ‘learning to see with eyes of beginning.’  It’s too easy when days, months and years go by, to build hurt and resentment.  I think the key is learning to see with eyes of beginning…that’s what the the 2nd verse alludes to, “how I looked but I could not see,” and again in the bridge, “talk to me, as you did before the world” – the idea there, is before the world robbed you of your sense of wonder and beginning.  This is the heart of “Any Minute Now” and where I continue to find new resonance and relevance singing it now – seeing with eyes of beginning each day.   

– How did the collaboration with Erin McCarley came to be?

 I’ve been friends with Erin for a while now, and have always been a fan of her work.  Her voice has a beautiful ache to it that brought out “Any Minute Now” a feminine sense of struggle, hope and pain in a relationship.  I was so thankful to work with her on this one, what a gift she is.  

– How would you describe the sound of this song?

I wanted a the music and feeling of this song to mirror the lyric and the vocal.  There’s a sense of urgency to the music, and a lot of drama – feels very fitting for a song about the ups and downs in a relationship…and I love the hope that slips in there – both in the lyric and the promise of “peace will come,” and the resolve in the music.  

– Will there be more songs with you two in the future?

I would love to work with Erin again – depends on the song, and if it makes sense. 

– What can we expect for 2017?

I have one other single to release from the ’11’ EP – the first release under my new project, C. SHIROCK.  After “Wake Up” is released, we’re on to more new music!  I’m excited about the next batch of singles.  Still in the discovering phase of what that will all sound like, but I love the songs, and can’t wait to share.

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