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“Out of the fog” by Erin McCarley

[su_quote cite=”Erin McCarley”]Our goal was to capture the patient pace of the song and the vibe, but also explore the mystery and a bit of the chaos in my head that goes along with dealing with the paralytic state of depression and the struggle to beat it. The song and visual slowly progresses to more and more movement; rising up and becoming more empowered and more at ease in my own skin.[/su_quote]

With a talent beyond our wildest dreams and a certain sultry touch that lives within her voice, Erin McCarley delivers another memorable track and with it a music video that mesmerizes the listener with visual aesthetics that deliver the message of the track perfectly. “Out of the fog” is an empowering anthem for those in search for that cup of water that revitalizes their minds and souls, this time delivered in the form of the wonderful gift of music by an artist whose name goes along with emotions, empowerment and again I say, a talent beyond our wildest dreams. Erin you are a goddess and “Out of the fog” is perfection in all its splendor, a feast for the senses and a source of inspiration for those that are lost and falling into an abyss – you bring light with your verses, thank you!

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