“Comets” by Canyon City

The always amazing and captivating uber-talented Canyon City comes to Wolf in a Suit with the sonic creation that is “Comets”. With this personal and refreshingly honest blend of melodies and lyrics, he opens up his heart and soul and connects with all who listen. The track flows with ease and such approachability that it’s almost a surprise how powerful the verses truly are as they embrace not only the artist but also the human being. The way in which the soundscape flows through the airwaves makes it so much more mesmerizing and real and the visuals make experience feel complete and powerful.

So listen carefully and open your eyes as you fall prey to the welcoming touch and the subtle touch of magic of this must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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There’s no way around it, ‘Comets’ is a tough feeling. It’s basically a lament of the persistence of a difficult feeling. I wrote it from the perspective of some of my mental health struggles, but I think it could be applied to any figurative shadow that doesn’t seem to go away no matter which angle you point the light. The chorus is describing a feeling of being misaligned with the way the world seems to work; a nagging, cyclical out-of-placeness.”

Paul Johnson AKA Canyon City

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