“Wait For You” by Ocie Elliott

Canadian indie-folk duo Ocie Elliott comes to Wolf in a Suit with the soothing and captivating sonic creation that is “Wait for you”. The track comes to us with a down-to-earth and bittersweet soundscape that speaks to our hearts and souls instantly. The melodies and lyrics blend so perfectly together caressing our senses and inviting us to be part of a story that is simply so human and so raw. The way in which the vocals connect with each other make the track so easy to embrace and allows our imagination to roam freely through it. It really comes to us and manages to instantly earn the label of must-listen gem for any and every music lover. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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“This is a song about the emotional bearing of waiting for and missing a loved one who has gone away for a journey. It centers on that sweet yet aching, uncertain but at the same time knowing feeling that both people will be there when the waiting is over.”

Ocie Elliott

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