“Calibrate” by Alex Lleo

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Alex Lleo comes to Wolf in a Suit with the introspective sonic creation that is “Calibrate”. With this exquisite and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he explores the sweet taste of peace and freedom that can be found once forgiveness is given to ourselves. He understands that the person we battle most is the one that looks back at us every time we look in the mirror and embraces this harsh yet necessary journey. The soundscape unfold with a warm yet firm touch that caresses our senses and invites us in to connect and wonder how we can begin to forgive ourselves.

He has given life to a truly magnificent must-listen gem bound to inspire and find a home within each listener. So listen carefully, close your eyes and let the soundscape become one with your heart and soul. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“It’s a song rooted in self acceptance for me. Being able to forgive yourself can be  one of the hardest inner battles sometimes, particularly when it comes to relationships. Some people look for a higher power, others find it in the breeze. This song was inspired by the journey of that inner forgiveness, and the opportunities life has waiting for you once you make that peace with the past, and begin a new  journey into the unknown. “

Alex Lleo

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