“…There ain’t no other love around

I’m running on empty now

Am I going to see tomorrow?

Can’t swallow this sorrow?…”

“Hollow” by James Smith

UK based indie singer/songwriter James Smith takes us for a ride with the captivating and soothing musical creation that is “Hollow”. With this modern-day masterpiece, he opens up his heart and soul and tells us a story that is sure to feel personal to most if not all who listen. The soundscape takes the melodies, the lyrics, and his voice to take us an adventure that will make our hearts skip a beat or two as it takes shape and form. There’s something about what James brings forth that opens up our eyes to the bittersweet reality of heartbreak and growth in a manner that is subtle yet easy to grasp. So listen carefully as it all unfolds perfectly in front of you. Enjoy!

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