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“Lover” by Noah Gundersen

Indie singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen opens up his heart and soul to deliver the painful yet haunting gem that is “Lover”. With this bittersweet musical creation he invites us too see they beauty that dwells beyond the pain that breaks our heart. He accepts life and accepts himself with flaws and virtues allowing his soul to finally be free and truly deliver the wide range of feelings and emotions that reside within this soundscape. The lyrics and melodies come together in a way that is truly mesmerizing and intoxicating and with the well crafted addition of the visuals the experience goes full circle and our senses are filled with a sense of joy and completeness. So listen to the sounds unfold, let the visuals grab your hand and softly pull you in and above all enjoy the sweet ride in which you’ll find yourself in once you press play.

“I’ve never really cried to my own songs like I have with this one. Somehow I’m able to see myself so clearly in it. Andy [collaborator: Andy Park] and I wrote and recorded most of it in one night, early on in the process of making the record. The second verse just came out as an ad-lib and we never changed it. Sometimes you tell yourself something over and over, just hoping that it will eventually come true, trying to fill an unspeakable void.”

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