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“Anthem for the Weak” by The Harmaleighs

Indie folk/pop duo The Harmaleighs comes to us once more with an insightful and charming musical creation in her gem “Anthem for the Weak”. With this melodic and soothing ride, we get the chance to not only hear what our mouths speak but we are able to listen to that voice inside all of us as well. The soundscape invites us to break our walls and allow ourselves to explore the world that dwells inside us and to really connect with it. We are pushed to have a dialog between me, myself and I and quite frankly that is a welcomed and even necessary interaction that at times we forget to have. So listen carefully as the verses take shape and form and dive into the known yet unknown nature of your soul and enjoy the beautiful chance that you have been given.

“It’s that dialogue with your inner self and how at times it feels like that inner voice has more control over you than you do.”

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