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“Sharp Scratch” by The Slow Show

UK based indie folk band The Slow Show comes to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with the official video for their haunting gem, “Sharp Scratch”. With this surreal yet palpable soundscape that unfolds beautifully allowing us all to throw away the facade we put out in public and simply be who we are meant to be. It provides us with lyrics that aim at understanding and connecting with the listeners for there is no judgment but instead an open-hearted approach that invites us in. The guys have crafted something refreshing, catchy and honestly, utterly amazing for it gives us a new route within the music scene that is more human and more real. Enjoy!

“This song was written during a period of chronic pain and ill health.” explains frontman Rob Goodwin “Whilst not explicit, it deals with the precarious nature of our health and the associated anxiety, hope and despair.”

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