“Beautiful Machine” by Rosie Tucker

Rosie Tucker Delivers one of the best and most beautiful tracks I’ve heard from a young musician. She opens up her heart and soul and provides us with verses, stories and emotions that are bound to connect with something deep in us. Plus the dance choreography imagined by directors Emily Rawl and Alena Henke is ethereal and haunting in the way it becomes part of the soundscape we image while listening to “Beautiful Machine”. The talent in this young singer/songwriter is palpable from the very beginning and it has a way of infusing us with a certain sense of unity and magic. As the track slowly unfolds, we are pulled deeper and deeper and our eyes open and we see the beauty in the machines. Through flaws, mistakes and tears we now know we are all beautiful machines and our value lies within us. Smile, rejoice and remember you are beautiful, you are mesmerizing and your perfect in your flaws and uniqueness.

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