Give a hand where you can give it

Live a life where you can live it

If you hang it on a string you’ll watch it fall

Never raise your glass to someone’s sorrow


“Tell them all” by Ciaran Lavery

Recorded live in Belfast last December, comes “Tell them all” by the talented Ciaran Lavery from Ireland. I am not one to go for a live recording but this track just works so beautifully with this style, because it is simply full of the emotions Ciaran had while singing this song to the audience in this very important show for him. Plus getting the feeling that you are hearing it live enhances the story behind the lyrics and allows us to connect 100% to the soundscape he creates from the very first second the track starts. This heartfelt masterpiece is exactly what society needs in these tumultuous times that are affecting the world that surrounds us. Listen to it, digest the message completely and go outside to the world and show a better version of you for only you can be part of a change for the good.

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