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[aesop_content color=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” columns=”3″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”]What inspired “hope street”?
“Hope Street” was inspired by a street at the place I work at as a porter.
Why tender glue?
Tender Glue is not anything specific – it was made by coincidence, and it’s more of a noun. Tender originated from the last name of my friend I used to play with and Glue is my childhood nickname that was inspired by my last name.
There’s something special about your song, so real, so full of feeling: is it the melody? the lyrics? or both?
Thanks for noticing that. I would say both, plus probably the dynamics of the song that also contributed to the feeling. Whenever I’m writing or recording, I’m always making sure that it’s the right moment – just kind of waiting for this “something” so I can catch it.
Do you consider your song just a song or a story to be told? I felt a story when I heard it.
There is a story, and each verse means something to me. I’m trying write without being specific, so the song can be interpreted in different ways.
How’s your writing process?Based on the song, I feel there’s something there.
The process was pretty quick. It was one of those songs that just pour out. It probably came from being overwhelmed from all the negativity and daily struggle to get by.
Last but not least: What should we expect from Tender Glue in the near and far future?
We are playing at Musikfest on August 6th in Bethlehem, PA. There will also be a release show on August 26th at The City Reliquary in Brooklyn, NY. The City Reliquary is actually located just behind the building that “Hope Street” was inspired by. For the far future, hopefully I’ll get some help for upcoming ideas I have for new albums because I don’t know if I can do it all on my own again.


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