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“Have fun, do what we love, and above all–write good songs. “


From California comes a talented five-piece that has all the drive and passion to really bring something new to the indie rock scene, say hello to Curtsy. The band has given me the great honor of premiering their music video and I have to say that you are in for a visual and melodic ride. I highly recommend you sit down, put on your headphones, turn the volume up and just let the sound transport you into the world of “A better pet”. Also on a related note, when watching the music video please allow the subtitles to provide you some extra nuggets of information and an added bonus to the experience. I have added something to how I do things and this band is the perfect one to do more for, they have the fire that you hope to find and plus they are amazing. So listen, see and of course get to know them a little better with the interview below. Enjoy!

Meet the band

Wolf in a Suit: Where was the video shot?

Curtsy: Ventura, CA

WIAS: Was there a location in the video with a deeper meaning to you guys?

C: It was shot at Crystal’s (Singer/Keys) apartment and a local watering hole. No deeper meaning other than good ol’ convenience, haha

WIAS: What inspired the concept of the video?

C: A random fun night of debauchery revolving around freedom from insecurity–allowing yourself to enjoy life with the people you love in a no-rules territory. We want to enjoy life and have fun with no strings attached. Sharing these kinds of moments with the people we love is the greatest feeling in the world. These are nights where we feel free and have more fun than we’ve had in a long time.

WIAS: What inspired the song?

C: We would rather leave it up the listeners to figure out.

WIAS: Who are the stars of the video?

C: Chris Pomaski, Melina Powell, and Emily Samimi

WIAS: How did the name of the band come to be?

C: The name, Curtsy, happened at one practice years ago with the understanding that we would never actually curtsy after a performance. The idea of that just stuck with us and then we were like “hey….I have an idea…” We then became the very thing we thought we would never actually do after a performance…Curtsy.

WIAS: Name your biggest musical influences

C: Beach House, Radiohead, The Cure, The Beatles, Tears for Fears, Fugazi, Paul Simon.

WIAS: One place that would house your dream gig? Why?

Jonathan: Greek Theatre LA, Santa Barbara Bowl—they’re both so beautiful.

Tamara: Hollywood Bowl – DEF, such sentimental value with that venue, KEXP live session would be incredible as well, and Primavera Sound

Austin: Hollywood Bowl

Kai: FujiRock Festival

Crystal: Yes to all!!

WIAS: So far, coolest and/or craziest experience as a band?

Crystal: Making the video while an actual punk show was going on

Austin: Playing under a sky full of smoke and ash in 100 degree heat at Exposition Park

Kai: Craziest would probably be making that guy cry at The Lost Knight in Echo Park, CA.

WIAS: Where do you guys see Curtsy in the future? 

C: Touring and having fun expressing ourselves through making music, pushing one another to be better musicians, and sharing our music with anyone who likes it.

WIAS: Is there a personal mantra or philosophy you guys follow as a band?

C: Have fun, do what we love, and above all–write good songs.

Some recommended tracks by Curtsy:

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