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“Be Badass” 


First of all…Congrats of joining UMPG, how does it feel? 🙂

Thank you! I’m really excited about being a part of UMPG. Not only are all the other artists and writers there insanely talented, but everyone on the UMPG team is amazing.

-With this new partnership, what can we expect for the future?

I’m really just focusing on writing as much as I can. I’m in a different session almost every day, and I’m loving it. I’ll also be dropping a few singles in 2018 as well, so I’m excited to wrap those projects and share more content with everyone.

-There’s something so inviting about “Kiss me now” – What inspired the song?

Thanks! That song is actually a recollection of a first date I had with a guy. Once I get my mind set on something, I can’t really let it go. So going into this first date, I knew I wanted to kiss this guy, and didn’t leave the date until I got my kiss. I think my favorite part of the song is that it shows that girls can make the first move.

-Personally what drives you and your music?

Since I was little, all I wanted to do was be an artist. I grew up in a musical family, so it has always just been a part of me. The thing that drives me to do music is that there really isn’t another option for me. No plan B. This is what I was meant to do, so to be able to wake up every day and write and create is insane. I’m so thankful.

-If you could pick one artist/band you could sing a track with, who would it be?

I love badass female artists, so getting to sing with anyone like Lorde, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, etc would be awesome.

-How does it feel to not only receive support for elsewhere but also locally (which strangely seems to be hard to get sometimes)?

I am so grateful for the support I have gotten from Phoenix, growing up as an artist there and even now, living in LA. It’s really cool to know that you have people rooting for you from your hometown. It’s comforting to come from such a tight-knit music scene in Phoenix because I still keep in touch with all the artists I’ve worked with growing up.

-Will the world be able to see upsahl live this year in any upcoming festival?

This year, I’m going into writing full time and releasing as much new music as possible. I love to perform, but live shows aren’t really on the radar for this year, but never say never 🙂

-Personal mantra and philosophy that keeps you going?

My personal mantra is to “be badass.” Every day, I try to wake up and work hard and create and do what makes me happy, which I would like to think is pretty badass.

-An album that you would recommend hands down without any hesitation? why?

LEMONADE. BEYONCÉ. The way that Beyoncé takes a negative situation and turns it into a badass anthem for life that inspires so many people while remaining so consistent through the visual album, is insane to me. Beyoncé’s artistry inspires me a lot.

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