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Artist: Malo Ramsoir

Song: Election Day

Region: London, UK-Europe

[su_box box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#000000″]”Election Day” is an amazing song in response of the results of what is known as BREXIT that lead to the UK to start the process of separation from the European Union. The song is political and real but delivered in a way that actually invites for discussion, for discovery, to investigate and to understand why he feels the way he does with the song he calls “ A response to the miserable voting habits of the UK general public…“. Malo Ramsoir shows us he is capable of creating music that can be real, humane, and based on reality. This song became one of my favorite songs to listen from the moment I heard not only because of how it’s arranged but also because of his voice, the feeling behind and that is contemporary and people are still talking about the subject. Enjoy this masterpiece.[/su_box]

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