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When an artist say’s NO to the norm, to the regular and breaks the so called rules, what happens? They either break or do something unique, something special, something that gets people listening. Daniel Morones is an artist that took that risk and it paid off, his lyrics are filled with a truthful quality and the storytelling is mesmerizing. It’s like listening to a tale of humanity, to the ups and the downs, to the reality that is always aimed to be covered or exaggerated in the benefit of others. He makes each song tell you the truth, he doesn’t aim at shocking you or leaving you speechless, he aims at you paying attention and doing something about it (in my case he did). This talented singer has a gift to open eyes, a gift to touch what lies inside, a gift to connect with you and all. He does all this mixing sounds, mixing the cultures he has lived around and he is able to blend beautifully and create a sound so his and so magical. He is a singer, a songwriter, a storyteller and in a way an activist for humanity and for change. I applaud you Daniel!


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