[su_box title=”Artist: DOLBY

Genre: Indie Pop

Region: Orange County – North America” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]

What happens when you put together two talented individuals from Orange County, California with electronic and pop tendencies together? You get DOLBY, the newest member of the must hear/must see artist on the rise group of talented artists. With soft electronic sounds filled with beats to keep your body moving and a pop perfect voice that jumps into those beats and like if they had been made for each effortlessly creates a story with them. This talented duo have set their eyes on you, your friends, your family and even your dog – you will all be listening to the indie pop melodies they have created.

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With a nice warn tone in the singers voice and an ear for the right moment to showcase each beat to flow along together and to keep on creating songs like: “Same Love”, “Fingertips” and “Camera Shy”. Enjoy the creations of this Orange County and I say, 2017 be ready for them.[/su_box]

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