Bridges and Powerlines

[su_box title=”Artist: Bridges and Powerlines

Genre: Indie Rock

Region: New York – North America” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]

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Bridges and Powerlines is one of the most versatile bands I’ve heard in a while, the instruments and the voice can float around so many styles and do it masterfully- it’s astounding. “Even killers need a home” reminds me of old school green day with the punk rock style of singing and the always a favorite for me rock flow of the track. Then you do a 180 and bounce to “National Fantasy” and it’s so stripped down, so relaxed and melodic – it’s hard two believe both songs came from the same band, but they DID. This band is a honestly a must listen- they’ve got talent, the passion to play their instruments and a chameleonic voice that can lead them to greatness, to playing for the must see festivals and to having gigs in legendary venues.[/su_box]

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