Isn’t there something special in the voice of this young talented singer/songwriter. There truly seems to be an old soul within him, a soul that can connect with others through verses and his voice. This upcoming EP is a first true step into that beast called music, but I must say it’s one hell of a step. He come’s at us with the right mindset and a will to do what must be done for his craft.

To get to know this uprising artist, please read on the short interview, listen to his music and allow his voice to connect with you. Don’t be the fool and allow him to enter into your playlist.

What are the plans for Havelock after the EP?

My plans are to move to London and continue to find my sound. There is still so much for me to learn about the music I want to make, and London seems like the perfect place to encourage this.

Explain the story behind “The fool”? What inspired it?

The Fool is pretty much a commentary on an epiphany that I had. The sudden realization involved me coming to terms with the fact that I simply couldn’t suit any profession other than music. It’s about making the decision to put my all of my soul and energy into my future in music.

What can we expect from your upcoming ‘Butter wouldn’t melt’ EP?

Butter Wouldn’t Melt, sonically, is a completely bipolar body of work. Half of it is filled with dreamy guitar licks and romantic lyrics, and the other contains more of my nitty-gritty, funk-influenced sound.

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