Every once in a while come artists that connect the bridges that music creates, this time the bridge is between music and fashion and the connector is the talented and beautiful Danae. Just by looking at her you can see the connection between this worlds. There’s a sense of power, femininity and talent that you feel just by looking and listening to her. She’s one of those singers that could own the stage just wearing a thrash bag, that’s because her sense of style is so hers and so personal and so in hand with her music.

By listening to her music we feel as if she truly has nothing to prove to us, since her music is doing it for her perfectly. While she dresses with threads that seem to have been created specially for her she delivers powerful pop melodies that will entice you and just leave you in awe of her talent. Danae is a force to be reckon with, there’s a reason why her song “Actualized” hit the top 10 on the HypeMachine popular charts.

There’s nothing wrong with beautiful but when you add a sense of style so unique and so personal and talent unlike anything you’ve heard you truly get something special. Danae has that something special, that aura that attracts and connects.

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