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From Nashville, Tennessee with love, talent and something else about them come the indie pop duo of your fantasies and dreams, here comes Reign. With a connection with the indie pop genre that is undeniable, Ashley Nite and Cole Shugart create catchy and mesmerizing soundscapes that blend a sense of youthful rebellion, heartache that comes to each of us and the world that surrounds them and inspires them. They show in each track a unique spark of genius that allows us to know for a fact that we are in front of a pair of musicians who can have it all. But not only do they have a talent beyond their years, but they blend music with its one true love perfectly and just right, Fashion.

They maintain the centuries old accord of uniting these two forms of art into one, becoming an act worth the awe from each sense. Visually they capture our attention from the first moment and then they allow the music to unfold and there’s no going back now. They take control of the stage for it is their domain and their home, with their royal gowns made up of leather jackets, patterned shirts and slim fit jeans they are a sight to behold. Not only that, but the male/female duality that comes with them gives a refreshing vibe that allows everyone to be easily engulfed by their talent. So listen, enjoy and be thankful that you have a chance to enjoy some truly amazing melodies.

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