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Not many know this, but Andrew Belle was among the first artists to give me a chance, a shot, an opportunity to talk to him and to get to know him through an interview. I did a phone interview and unfortunately the transcript was lost but I still have the audio and next week will be a special week because I will not only have one interview but two – the first one for Wednesday with the amazing singer/songwriter/husband/father/creative monster named Andrew Belle and the second is a another special treat but shall remain a surprise.


What words could I say to describe Andrew and his music? is there at least one word for one who has heard and connected with each of his tracks through the flow of the music, the sensibility and humanity of his lyrics or simple the special aura this true musician has. I can simply say thank you Andrew- thank you for the music, for the lyrics, and above all for showing your human side and for giving me a chance to see it even if it was a glimpse (a 15 minute glimpse that I cherish).

Now I invite you to enjoy something his latest releases, a special true amazing track: “Dive Deep” . Enjoy yet another musical, lyrical and human masterpiece by the one, the only Andrew Belle.

Interview: https://wolfinasuit.com/2016/10/05/interview-andrew-belle/

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I am the Man/Wolf hybrid who listens to amazing new music and aims to share it with all who visit www.wolfinasuit.com as I believe we all deserve a nice little tune to be part of the soundtrack of our daily adventures. So listen and enjoy some amazing gems with me.

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