As promised, an interview with Australian indie singer/songwriter and creative monster: Xavier Dunn.

What drove you to create BIMYOU? and why BIMYOU?

BIMYOU was created because I heard other sounds and feelings within the lyrics of those songs i covered and I really wanted to show other people what I heard. BIMYOU means “Meh” in Japanese. This is exactly how I felt about the EP because I never thought that the bunch of covers I created could ever work together so effortlessly.

Xavier Dunn released BIMYOU EP, “Scattered” and “Straight on till morning” all this year (2016)

You are like a music making machine : what’s the story behind scattered and straight on till morning?

Scattered is about moving on from someone but not really. It’s dealing with those emotions and trying to figure them out in a blender. Whilst Straight On Till Morning is about not being with someone and being uber Ok about it. It’s the remembering of the past and not forgetting the colour and joy you had before you lost it.

What are the plans for you in the future? Any gigs or festivals we should really be looking into ?

Many gigs to come!! I’m on stage with Feki at Splendour this year and Supporting Broods on their National Tour. After that I’ll be touring for myself! And releasing my next EP.

Are you coming to the US any time soon?

I can’t confirm or deny any trips to the US yet.

Any advice for aspiring musicians out there?

Some advice would be to always ask for help. It’s impossible to do it alone.

Many thanks to Xavier Dunn for the opportunity to have this short interview and for his willingness to speak with me and also for the music he is making. Thank you Xavier, from this Wolf in a Suit.

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