But before the interview …enjoy “Bitter Sea” by Braeves

[quote author=”Ryan Colt Levy -Vocals/Guitar for Braeves” source=””]

‘Bitter Sea is about being in love with our city, but knowing the more we tried the more we found ourselves forcing something that wasn’t there. It’s a strange thing being so deeply connected to aplace and at the same time it feeling so alien to us. We knew even though we love New York leavingwas our only way of finding clarity and Brooklyn was personified into a relationship. That being said, it’s the city that will always hold our hearts.’


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Braeves come at us with strange grammar and great music – you just can’t help but fall in love with their talent and the passion they put into it. This is a band that work hard for each and every like, follow, listen, radio play – going as far as moving from their home city New York, New York to Los Angeles, California (now that’s dedication). But not only is there hard work but also top quality that can easily rival anything you listen from a band backed by a big record label; the reason for this is their mastery and their willingness to give that extra in their instruments, their training, their image, the lyrics and a big one for me: their artwork and overall brand they have created with Braeves


What inspires Braeves’ music? How’s the songwriting process like?

Ryan: I think we each take inspiration from different things, but speaking for myself, oddly enough film is a huge source. Tonally and emotionally I feel like theres something comforting for me in taking it to a visual level in my head when writing.

Your best memory of a live show?

Derek: My favorite memory… For real there are so many good ones. But, there was one show where were playing out in Long Island, NY in a bar that really didn’t have any business hosting bands, but screw it that was the scene back then. It was super late on a Friday night at a bar or whatever and we’re about 15 years old, so our friends took advantage of that for sure. Anyway, my brother Brett is playing drums for us at that point and we were playing one of our heaviest songs and we get to a drum fill break before a breakdown and he forgets the fill and forgets what song we’re playing. I shit you not. We literally had to get in his face and say, Brett, Do-Dat-do-doot-dat-do-doot. Over and over. After literally 5 minutes of this shit, he finally remembers and goes Ohhhhhh! and drops so hard into the fill, the crowd fucking loved it. It was so epic, I will never forget that for the rest of my life, and I will probably tell this story at his wedding.
Ryan: My favorite memory of a live show actually comes from one when Derek and I were about 14 or so. We had been playing in a hardcore band together and had this epic show in NJ at a rec center. We were on the way to the same place for our second time when we found everyone standing outside unable to enter, apparently there was a fight at a show earlier that week and they weren’t taking any chances with outsiders. Figuring the show was off, we were prepared to leave, when a voice out of nowhere commanded the crowd. A young kid knew his parents were out for the night and decided his basement was a suitable replacement venue. I can’t remember how long the drive was from the rec center to this kids house, but It was the most surreal beautiful thing seeing a snake of cars and kids piled out on his lawn listening to instructions not to touch anything before entering the basement. After playing with makeshift gear, everyone in the crowd passed whatever they had from singles to loose change to help give us gas money to get back home, It was truly an epic, beautiful, rock and roll night, and we’ll certainly never forget that kid.

What plans for the future does BRAEVES have?

We have a few awesome shows coming up. First thing is Chinatown Summer Nights via BuzzbandsLA. We’re playing on July 16th alongside Groves and Blondfire, will be an amazing show. As well as July 21st with our buddies Arms Akimbo. Stoked to be playing all of these great venues in LA, it’s been a lot of fun so far and it just keeps getting better.