[quote author=”From “On my Mind”” source=””]…But I’ve got New York on my mind
Berlin on my mind
Paris, France on my mind
I got you and it feels like…[/quote]

Artist: The Outdoor Type

Region: Melbourne, Australia 

Brand new artist The Outdoor Type aka singer/songwriter Zack Buchanan comes at us with a vintage yet truly original sound. It is so clean and pleasant to the ear. You just can’t help it but just want to sing along and move your head or tap your feat softly to the beat of each of his songs. He is bringing back the old fashioned singer/songwriter persona that can conquer a crowd, even more a whole country with just his talent and that is simply magnificent. I am big fan of somebody who individually has that capacity, that special touch that can just change it all. He brings us a brand new masterpiece in the form of his song “On my Mind”; it has that 80s, 90s, even modern touch that I haven’t heard a song have in quite a while. It just stays with you, it stay on your mind even after you’ve finished listening and you will find yourself humming it (I did …actually I am as I write this post).

The Outdoor Type above all has a will to work hard and ensure he gives his best work. Each song is crafted and created as an individual piece of art that can change it all. I have become a fan after listening to each and every song in his soundcloud. I can’t wait to one day have the pleasure of seeing this artist live one day.

He has already started conquering the radio streams in his home country, it won’t be long until his music conquers radio worldwide. I would recommend saving The Outdoor Type in your playlist because this voice, these songs, this singer – they are going to make it big. If this does not happen I take off my suit and remain a regular wolf, but I know my faith is well set in the talent that he brings. I won’t be loosing my suit any time soon.

The Outdoor Type

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