A few months ago I had the pleasure of connection with singer/songwriter Sabali. From the very beginning we started planning a feature post for his music but never really came up with something. Along the way while deciding what to I was able to also get to know him a little better, and found out there is more to Sabali than meets the eye. He is not only a singer but also an adventurer, a model, a traveler and a seeker of experiences. Those experiences I believe are what make is music relatable and so enjoyable.

Recently Sabali and I decided to go for the old fashioned interview so that everyone can learn a bit more of this singer/songwriter.



1-Whats inspired ‘Life Support’?

Life Support was inspired by my desire to help people. I wanted to create songs with lyrics that people could relate to or allow for people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and view life from a different perspective. Not all of us have had near death experiences or have had to deal with grieving a loss but I want people to think about it. Not everyone has dealt with abuse or mental illness but I want to describe these scenarios in a way that people can understand what others go through. Life Support is about making you feel and think about someone else as they feel and think about your life in a similar way. In short I guess you could say this album is basically trying to bring awareness to our empathetic nature.

2-You have tried different genres and now you have found your niche, why do you think that is?

I come from a rock/metal background so I am used to being on stage with other people. It is a comforting thing having others support you and share in the vulnerability of performing but there is something about this type of music that I do now that takes that vulnerability a step further. Stripping back the layers of instrumentation allows for the flaws and vulnerability in the music to show. But that is exactly what I am as a musician. I am not perfect, my music is not perfect, but this type of raw emotional music really goes hand in hand with the lyrical messages that I want to express. We are not perfect; life isn’t always easy but in the end it is worth experiencing life to the fullest.

3-What do expect from your new single?

The new single is entitled “Above Water.” I think it is going to show a lot of progression in my music and that I am taking music seriously. I don’t take the gift of creating music for granted and I am still trying to have some purpose in writing and not just write for the sake of it or try to be rich or famous. The most fulfilling thing to me is being able to have a positive impact in someone’s life and without sounding too confident in myself, I feel like the new single may bring to life that vision.

4-Sabali, I have to say it I am big fan of “Irish Goodbye” – what’s the story behind it? and are you part Irish?

First off, I am not Irish. When I started writing that song it just sounded sort of “irish-ish” and then the lyrics came and I just went with it. The song just sort of progressed into that. But I feel like if I were to go drive out into the countryside in Ireland that song may fit the feeling. But my message behind Irish Goodbye is to not take our relationships with others for granted because we never know when they or we will die and it’s a shame when there are things still left unsaid that we just didn’t get around to saying. So, treat every day like its our last. However, that’s easier said than done, ill be the first to admit that.

5-The biggest influence in your music overall?

My musical influences change constantly but recently and this is probably a hint to my next EP, but the artists that have influenced my upcoming music are all dead. From the likes of Jeff Buckley, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury & Buddy Holly. There’s something inspiring about these artists’ music still having an impact and still being relevant today.

6-Of your songs so far, which one would you say is the one that you connect with the most?

The song that I connect with the most on the Life Support EP would be Driftwood. It’s about sacrificing certain things in your life to pursue what you ultimately want in life. It may not be easy and there will definitely be ups and downs but the end goal will totally be worth it. I feel like I am on that journey and I am trying to accomplish my goals and although I have had to give up some things that I’ve wanted along the way, I know that it’s for the best and I find some some solace in that.

7-The most important piece of advice you would give any aspiring musician?

The single most important piece of advice I can give, even though I am still discovering this is to say “Yes” when you want to say “No.” I look back at my limited time as a musician and can distinctly recall all the moments where I wanted to say no to opportunities because they were outside of my comfort zone and I was scared. But progression and accomplishment lies beyond our comfort bubble. When you agree to try these things, that’s ultimately where results come from.

8- The future for Sabali, what does it hold?

The future is all up in the air. I have a new album ready to be released starting with a new single coming out in the next couple weeks. I don’t have specific dates yet but I have an idea of a timeline. Although the one thing that is for sure is that I will be touring as much as I possibly can late 2016 and early 2017. Canada for sure, Scandinavia and Western Europe will be the first places that I will be going. Everything else, we’ll see how it goes.

For more about Sabali visit his website.



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