“…If you put the time and effort in it’ll definitely show up when you hit the stage!”

-When did you decide to just do it yourselves? Or was it from the beginning that you wanted things to be like that?

We came to the point where we knew we needed to record. Josh had some studio engineer experience here and there and I had been doing a lot of low-quality demo recording over the years. We started weighing the costs of having a pro do it versus buying our own equipment. Obviously buying our own ended up winning! I think that was warranted because of our sound…we didn’t need something that was professionally polished off.

After that it was countless hours of research from both of us on what equipment we should get and almost more importantly how to use it. It was a painful experience with a lot of trial and error for sure. At one point we thought we had a few songs mixed and then ended up nixing all the mixing and EQ we’d done because we realized we had started to get a little too happy with plug-ins and such. In the end I think we got a good sound that embodies the type of music we play.
-What inspires your music?

We’re an odd mix of guys between a chemist, engineer, teacher, and whatever Stu does with computers haha. In other words we all have ‘careers’ going on of that’s what adults call it. Playing music is just the career we’d rather have, but you gotta eat! I think a lot of that inspires us actually though because we all have passion for it. You never do quite give up on something if you’re really passionate about it and being able to use your experiences and turn it into art is an awesome feeling
-Where do you see your music evolving to? and where do you think it will take you?

Its hard to say where it will move to. This album was a mix of some old songs Josh and I had written well before the band, some we’d written with a previous line-up, and one or two we actually wrote with the current group of guys. The next set of songs I think will be interesting because it’ll be the first time the four of us really get a chance to sit down and write. As far as where it’ll take us, Every local musician has this little dream that someday they can do it for a living and earn enough to be comfortable. We may end up there or somewhere in between but we’re having a ton of fun and working our asses off in the meantime.

Gotham Theory

-(Each member) your favorite song of the album? and why?

Sam: Favorite to play is 2AM for sure. We close a lot of shows with that and it’s just a non-stop barrage of rock. That usually last song in the set and it always kicks me into a higher gear too. Stepping Out is a very close second though.

Josh: Definitely Stepping Out. I personally love that we had somewhat reversed the role between verse and chorus by dropping out for the chorus to accentuate it. It’s my favorite to play!        

Stu: While I agree with Sam, it’s hard to pick one, I would have to say Stepping Out. It’s fun to play and it gives Sam the best workout. If he’s catching his breath, he can’t yell at me for messing up.                   

Zack: Plaything. Also, You Bring Me Down. I like the guitar riffs. That’s all that really matters, right?
-Is there a story behind the album cover?

We lucked out and Josh’s mom and sister are graphic designers. We leaned on them a lot for the band logo as well as the album cover. Can’t begin to thank them enough! The art itself was inspired by a Lichtenstein piece that we put a spin on to match the name of the album. We knew we wanted something that really jumped out with bright bold colors and Josh suggested using something that was that pop-art style to really convey that well.
-The name reminds me of Batman and anything that I can connect with Batman is good in my book … but on that note: Why Gotham Theory?

We get asked that a lot and there isn’t really much meaning behind it. I think one of the hardest things as a band to do is pick a name because you have to live with it for a long time. We just started texting back and forth pretty much random word combinations. Most of them we’re inappropriate and the name ‘Taco Bell’ was already trademarked. I wouldn’t say the name is directly a reference to Batman, but that’s obviously where part of the inspiration came from.
-Since you are a DIY band, what would be the biggest piece of advice you can offer any musician out there?

Keep working your ass off. That not only goes for playing and writing, but for the not-so-fun stuff like handing out flyers, doing social media promo, etc. The other thing I’d say is get out and support your local scene (which goes for non-musicians as well). You’d be surprised how much support and help you’ll get from folks. If you put the time and effort in it’ll definitely show up when you hit the stage!

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