Heroes del silencio was a band that influenced so many bands and youth in Latin America, Spain and other European countries in the 80s.This was not only because of their music and how they showcased their presence on stage but also because of a man, a virtuoso, an enigma who lead them with his voice … Enrique Bunbury. He was mesmerizing and hypnotized anyone that saw them live, he owned the stage unlike anyone else at the time. He had a capacity to transport you within the music, within the lyrics and to control your every movements. He then left the band after many album and many years together to embark on a trip of his own creation as a solo artist and brought the world his own music, his lyrics, his melodies, himself completely to any stage that would receive this “Maestro“.

Enrique Bunbury is like wine, every year, as each decade passes by, his cool, his bravado, his swagger (as the kids call it) just increases, just pours out with just a few words, with a gaze, with a tune and he keeps on going. He knows there are a few like him, a few that can be up in that stage and own it like you’ve never seen before, he is of the lead singers that turns every letter into a capital letter making a LEAD SINGER, a man unlike any other. When you see him sing, whether it’s a peaceful love song or a song that requires his full ownership of the stage, you cannot help but stare at that man, to listen to every word that comes out of his mouth and to feel like you are alone with him singing just you and only you.

He is rock royalty; he is one of the kings, the dukes, the knights of music. Look at him and bow in respect to this man, to this poet, to this singer/songwriter, to this leader and owner of the stage. Bow down to Enrique Bunbury and enjoy the melodies of his voice.