There has to be something in the water in the United Kingdom, not only do they constantly create great music (so much that they even have their own form of pop, rock, almost every genre has a Brit- version) but also their bands have a certain swagger, a style that it’s only seen in bands from the U.K. Maybe it’s the inner rebel mix with the music or maybe the tea has something to do with it (I have to try out the tea option, maybe there lies the answer).

Today the Music and Fashion feature is once again a lead singer from the U.K., he is part of not only Indie royalty but also in my opinion he is the leader of one of the best bands to have come out of the U.K. , he is … Luke Pritchard, lead singer and guitarist of The Kooks.

Luke Pritchard is an artist who has grown and matured, he has evolved from the first time we saw him singing songs like “Naive” and “Jackie Big Tits”- he is more of himself I believe, he now knows where he wants to go and how he is getting there not only musically or personally but also in his style, which seems to come naturally to him. He was created to be in music, to be the lead singer of a great band; from the shoes, the pants, the hair and grabbing that guitar and that microphone and uttering the first verses of each song, you know his destiny was always music, and he takes that destiny with such a style and poise.

Another reason, more personal for why I chose him for today’s Music and Fashion is the fact he not only is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands ( The Kooks) but also he to me is somebody I look up as a fashion example because like him I also have that type of curly hair and I never knew how to control it until I saw how he used his hair as part of his style, how he was the master of it and how he was not afraid to not only be a singer but to be himself all the time.  And also come on, just look at the pictures, the music videos, and interviews – he is a perfect example of how Music and fashion collide and unite in one person.