He looks like the ultimate bad ass SOB and dresses like a true gentleman, it’s a strange mix but in him it creates utter perfection in style, and his persona, his blogger name is BADWEARSGOOD.

Who is BADWEARSGOOD? Simple, he is a man whose sense of style is always on point, a man who could beat you the hell up or make sure your threads match …. or maybe even do both , in what order? well that’s for him to decide.

Photography by: Max Lemesh (http://www.maxlemesh.com)

What drives your style choices?





Washing Machine

Abundance of Time

Lack of Time

Lack of Sleep

Lack of Self-awareness


The most important advice you would give someone?

Have fun from time to time.


The meaning behind Bad Wears Good?

Well, initially it was “Bad Motherfucker Wears Good Threads”, but it was a bit too long. So I decided to go with “Bad Motherfucker”, coz I kinda felt that way. But then my girlfriend told me that I’m not. And I’m like: “What do you mean, I’m not?! I am!” And she’s like: “Nuh-uh” And I’m like; “Yeah-uh!” And to prove that I really am a Bad Motherfucker, I spilled the whole carton of milk I was about to drink from on the kitchen floor… It didn’t really work… I had to clean the entire kitchen till 2am. Who would’ve thought that a regular milk could cause so much damage?! And then I was denied access to our bed, so I had to sleep on the couch for the rest of the night. The next morning I decided to call my blog Bad Wears Good. Because fuck that, right?


Do you think music and fashion go hand in hand?

Absolutely! Every time I’m leaving a clothing store with a shopping bag, I unconsciously start humming “Pretty woman walking down the street…”! To be serious, I do think that music and fashion are quite close. Sometimes, when I see an outfit or detail of clothing, it reminds me a line from The Velvet Underground, or a guitar solo from Arctic Monkeys, or a beautiful meowing of Isaac Hayes. Goes without saying that people like David Bowie or the Beatles made more impact on nowadays fashion than a whole bunch of fashion designers.


What are your favorite designers and brands?

Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Missoni – this kind of stuff. Mostly Italians…

Also, I like vintage clothing a lot. Doesn’t matter what brand, it needs to be of a good quality though. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s – anything you can still get out there. It’s funny how you can reinvent the garment, which has been hidden in some dusty closet for 30 years, to breathe a new life in it.


Do you believe social media is a great way to connect with others? 

Certainly. Once I wrote “@kanyewest sucks dick” on twitter and met a lot of new interesting people!


One word or phrase to describe fashion for you?



What outfit choice would you say is close to perfection for you?

Unstructured Blazer (single or double-breasted)

Shirt (with a smaller collar)

Waistcoat or Cardigan

Vintage Tie (thinner one)

Rolled up chinos

Leather shoes (Loafers/Monks/Oxfords/Derbies)

Fedora (crushable)


Top 10 tips you would give any aspiring fashionista or someone who is little by little falling in love with fashion. 

  1. Tread Lightly.
  2. Study the Subject.
  3. Acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths (physically and psychologically).
  4. Build a Basic Wardrobe.
  5. Learn How to Swap Stuff Around.
  6. Choose Personal Style over Fashion Trends.
  7. Find Your Trademark.
  8. Accessorising is the Key.
  9. Increase Your Level of Arrogance.
  10. Accept the Fact that It is Just Clothing.

Photography by: Max Lemesh (http://www.maxlemesh.com)

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