He is the lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter for the Indie English rock band Arctic Monkeys.

He is Alex Turner.

But not only is he part of the music world, he has branched out and become a style icon, a man who knows not only how to write a marvelous song but how to be a front man not only in a stage but in life always looking the part.

With his look he reminds us of the greasers, of the 50’s but then he sings and brings us back to the today and sucks you into the music, into the world of  the Arctic Monkeys. He owns the stage and shows every single person in the audience why he is there standing in front of them with a guitar in his hands and his voice to command them with every single verse.

Alex Turner embodies the magic of the English musician, he is both mysterious and rebellious, he can be a gentleman if he wants or simply just tell you to F%ck off. He can pick and mix a greaser look with the contemporary and do it with such grace that you would believe he was born with the clothes he is wearing. He embodies how music influences fashion and how fashion influences music, not only is his style always on point but he is a master at dating models, falling for them and maintain the old habit of musicians dating models.

Alex Turner is a great example of music and fashion and if you do not believe me here is one more picture to prove my point.



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