Wolf -why Metasequoia?
Metasequoia – We originally started under the name “The Hash” in 2007 as an acoustic duo. After some member changes and growth as a band, we decided to change our name to embody more of the sound and positivity we were trying to convey. We chose Metasequoia for a few reasons. One being location; the Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia is the genus name for Redwood [metasequoia glyptostroboides] which is the dawn redwood) grows in Ithaca, NY where we came together as a band. Another reason is more metaphorical, in the sense that our band, much like a tree, has a strong foundation or base; and from that comes the branches, being our own individuality that still contributes to the whole of the tree. Another reason is we really fucking love nature, trees, and the name is pretty sweet.
Wolf-What inspired your sound?
Metasequoia – We gain inspiration from many sources. A lot of the music we love listening to (Bob Marley, Pink Floyd…) inspires us. We each have some experience or interest in different sounds and genres, and we think that by coming together with this, we can create one unique sound out of many. We gain inspiration from many sources other than just music though. Just our experiences throughout life, nature, the craziness of the human mind…
Wolf-Describe the band in one word?
Metasequoia GROOVY
Wolf – what song do you connect the most?
Metasequoia – We think that coming from our personal experiences, we connect on a level with all our songs. but we think “SWAY” is one of our favorites (which was recorded at REP STUDIOS Ithaca NY October 2013 of our “MUCH LOVE” EP). It’s about how everyone hears music or sees art or gains inspiration differently, though we are seeing or hearing the same thing. You are you and I am me. but, if you could hear inside my head, you’d hear the music, see the art, see the inspiration that makes me SWAY. I think we all hear our own band’s music differently, yet contribute to the whole which is what you all hear, and sway to.
Wolf -Any gigs you are really excited about that you want to share?
Metasequoia – I think we are most excited for the upcoming spring tour, as this will be our first tour. We do have an upcoming show along the tour at Funk ‘N Waffles in Syracuse, NY with the band Raibred that we’re pretty pumped about. That will be our first show in NY since 2014, and it will be awesome to see some old friends and family.
Wolf-What are your plans for the future?
Metasequoia – Right now we are planning a spring tour. We are planning on leaving the Nashville area and head back up to Ithaca, NY. We are calling it the SPRING 2016 FULL MOON TOUR, and we plan on doing this from April to May. From there, we are booking some small shows in London and possibly Iceland just for some experience and learning. When we return we plan on working on a new Album and in the best of hopes, a Fall or Winter Tour.
Listen to some of their music :