I have always believed that music goes hand in hand with fashion. Haven’t great musicians created iconic looks that fashionistas around the world copy or try to imitate, the answer is and will always be: Yes! Music is art and creation and like fashion it can inspire and connect with you strangely in a deeper level.

From the glam of the 80’s, the many phases of The Beatles, the famous rocker look of Led Zeppelin, the punk style of The Ramones and The Sex Pistols; fashion has always been influenced by these rebels in more ways than just their attire (many musicians have a habit of dating models). And the other way around is also true, for fashion is creation based on breaking away for the typical, and music loves that, music is also that. Fashion is music and Music is fashion, simple as that.

But there is a brand, who truly inspires itself from music and that is John Varvatos. The clothes it creates are so popular in the music world because it represents them in its rebel nature, in its sleek looks, in its creations inspired by the decades of music. John Varvatos has taken the rocker look, the cool look, the music with style into a level only attainable by his love of music and his rebellion of the norm. It is the inspiration of the looks of many aspiring musicians, because like them it’s in constant evolution and aspiration for greatness.

Thank you John Varvatos for taking the most creative art form and inspiring from it and in turn giving some inspiration back to all who aspire to take music to another level. Thank you for rebelling, for creating, for taking the sounds and turning them into clothes.Thank you for being part of music and fashion alike.