Pete Hernandez aka Bruno Mars is nowadays one of the best if not the best showman in the music world. Every time he steps into a stage he owns it and takes everyone for an unforgettable experience and he does it always with impeccable style. Not only that but he is always in a constant stage of improving, growing, evolving as an artist; in every album and/or collaboration he aims at giving you something with a different feel to it.

He is the only musician out there today that can wear gold curlers and make it look cool, make it look like an actual possible look to try (of course you won’t because well … you are not Bruno Mars). He is always testing himself, searching for a new place to take his music and along with it his style. He is not one to be afraid of trying something on that most of us would definitely just look and say “No, not for me”. Bruno Mars is simply a artist in all the splendor of the word; he sings, he writes, he produces, and on top of all of that he gives you a show unlike anything else all while looking like the coolest and most stylish man in the place.

Bruno Mars takes old school, new school and no school and mixes it up and creates each sound, each hook, each lyric just to reach your ears and teach it about some good music. So be thankful, because he is not going to stop any time soon, he probably is working on new songs while you read this or maybe asking himself if his outfit matches the gold curlers just so that he can use them again.