“Joule: Joule is like the Joule of energy; apparently a lot of people don’t get it…”

Wolf: Musicians that served as Inspiration behind your sound?

Ryan Art: We pull a lot of elements of indie rap artists, especially Doomtree, Atmosphere, and some live instrumental aspects of iMayday!, Linkin Park, and twenty one pilots

Mr. Crow: definitely Doomtree, honestly

Joule: The person that influences my personal style the most is Taylor Swift


Wolf: What motivates source act to keep on going?

Mr. Crow: Other than the cocaine [Ryan: he’s joking], one day for people to really see and appreciate what we’re writing and what we’re standing for

Joule: Honestly these guys.  How much they write and put into it makes me want to write and put as much into it

Ryan Art: Other than just making the music I want to hear, hoping to meet Kanye sometime.

“…We all write the music and like using weird instruments like timpani or sampled whistles…”

Wolf: One word from each member to describe the future?

Ryan Art: open

Mr. Crow: unpredictable

Joule: progressive


Wolf: How would you categorize your music because I notice there is a pretty cool mix of sounds?

Mr. Crow: Alternative with a lot of room to roam

Joule: we like to change it up, so we’re not just doing the same thing.  We never write a song and then write one similar.  We’ll write a slow song, then we’ll be like alright the next song has to be hype or emotional.

Ryan Art: Definitely progressive-punk meets alternative cloud-rap.  And I definitely just made that up.


Wolf: What is Source Act? How would you guys describe yourselves?

Ryan Art: We’re a very different band.  We all write the music and like using weird instruments like timpani or sampled whistles.  We also just like to surround ourselves with other musical people like Sky Orchid, who are featured on two songs on our album, because then there are more people to spark inspiration.

Joule: different backgrounds, different styles, and we’re all different colors

Mr. Crow: We all have different backgrounds in music, so we borrow from each genre we identify with.

Wolf: Favorite song that you have recorded?

Ryan Art: No Home For Me [With Sky Orchid & K-Town Natives]

Mr. Crow: New Rockstars

Joule: City of Lights


Wolf: What advice would you give an aspiring musician?

Ryan Art: Make sure you love doing it, because it gets really hard, and you’ll doubt it a hundred times before you see any light of the results of what you put into it.

Mr. Crow: Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons

Joule: If you’re not willing to be dedicated and put time into it, you won’t succeed.


Wolf: One final thought you would like to share?

Ryan Art: We’re the Source or origin of our style – or Act.  There’s no one else like us, so check out our debut album ‘Horizons’ on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, or any other service of choice!

Mr. Crow: Not all lyrics are meant to be taken literal!

Joule: Joule is like the Joule of energy; apparently a lot of people don’t get it…

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