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John Newman

Music and fashion go hand in hand and a great example of that is John Newman. Whose unique style both musically and on what he wears is catching the attention of music lovers and fashionistas alike.

His new album, “Revolve” , is out now so go and get yourself a copy. His voice has matured and his sound evolved and he brings us another work of musical masterpiece. I thought it would hard, near impossible after “Tribute” , but in his case lightning does strike twice.

Of the new album the songs that personally stand out are: “All my heart”, “Never give it up” and “Tiring game” but in general the whole album is a masterpiece and the way he tests himself which each song and the styling and maturity in which the lyrics connect with the music it’s just beautiful.

John Newman thank you for allowing lightning to hit twice, I can’t wait for the third time it hits.