L.E.J. Elijay or simply Lucie, Elisa & Juliette

Who are these young ladies who arrived to our world through our ears that were lucky enough to listen to a video simply titled “Summer 2015”. And just like that, without knowing, it all started. This fascination with what they could do with their voices, to how each one of them with their unique and one of a kind touch could create a sound so theirs but at the same time ours.

They are simply Lucie, Elisa & Juliette (L.E.J.) and that’s the only way to truly define them. They are childhood friends that with the passing of time became more than that, they became sisters.  Maybe it was destiny or maybe just luck but they decided to make beautiful music together, inspire one another and to begin by making covers of songs they liked and there little by little start to create songs on their own which will make us happy, a happiness only these three voices together can bring.

“… Sisters.”



How did you guys meet and when did you decide to make music together?

We know each other since we were little, since “crèche “or kinder. We decided to make music together for a contest called “Tryo” of a very popular French group.

What inspires your sound, what inspires you to be L.E.J?

Many things, we come from classical music and we listen to everything. We like to make something popular from something classic and something classic from something popular.

A really easy question, why L.E.J.?

Because of Lucie, Elisa and Juliette, our names.

How did you feel with the public’s feedback from your single “Summer”?

Crazy!!! We couldn’t understand anything.

When you record a song; what’s your process?

There is no magic formula. An idea, a rhythm, some words. Sometimes we create music for those words and the other way around also. What we truly love is polyphonic singing.

Any plans for concerts in the United States and/or other countries in North America?

Yes, SXSW (South by south west) in the United States and maybe New York City, Montreal, Toronto …

Favorite Hobby?

Music! That’s a pleasure. Food, going out, normal things.

How would you describe yourselves in one word?

That’s hard … Sisters.


If 2015 was a great year for L.E.J., I personally believe 2016 will be even better.

If you have not listen to them yet, go search for them on Spotify, Pandora, Youtube and every other website and/or application you use to listen to music and add them to your playlist. Trust me, you do not want to be left out in the blue of what the whole world will soon know, L.E.J. is here to stay.

Thank you L.E.J. and thanks to your great manager for giving me a chance for this interview.