“Word On The Street” by thea wang

From Norway comes the always fantastic indie singer/songwriter thea wang with her latest single, say hello to “Word on the street”. With this charming and down to the earth tale, she invites to see within this reality she has crafted and connect not only with the artist but with the person as well. The track flows with ease and caresses our senses as it connects the dots that showcase a human tale so personal yet also universal.

Her voice perfectly guides us through this reality making sure the soundscape unfolds and pulls us in. There’s something quite magical and raw about this beautifully crafted must-listen that makes it so special and mesmerizing. Enjoy the sweet touch of “Word on the street”!

“I wrote this one after moving to Copenhagen, and biking in the rain and wind every day, feeling like it would never stop. Then I went to London to write with Jørgen Kasbo, guitar player, that same autumn. There it was sunny with blue skies. After it had been sooo grey and cloudy and rainy in Copenhagen for a period that felt like a lifetime, I felt the sun and blue skies again. My mind had soaked up all the bad weather, and this song just fell out in a second.”

thea wang

Location: Norway

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