“Ancient History” by Cat Reynolds

Uber-talented Irish indie singer/songwriter Cat Reynolds comes to us with the fantastic sonic creation that is “Ancient History”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a tale sure to grab a hold of your heart and soul and make you feel as if you were part of it. The track unfolds with such natural and honest magic that you just can’t walk away from it for it offers us a way to break down the walls that surround us. There’s something about this soundscape that simply understands us and offers us a connection with something real and human.

He truly has crafted a special track, that is not only beautifully crafted but lyrically hypnotizing. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet touch of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy the adventure that awaits within “Ancient History”!

“I wrote the song in September of 2021 a month after my mother finished chemotherapy and a week after she had an operation (she is fully recovered now). She had been diagnosed with cancer 6 months previous. My relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years ended in June of that year and I had just finished my masters degree in songwriting and production, and didn’t really know what the next step in my life was. 

So the song came from a place of some very strong emotions. I want people to hear fragility, pain and suffering in this song and to know that they’re not alone and that everyone is going through something. Everyone has their own battles to fight. But, I also want people to hear strength, power and hope. I think it’s okay to be strong yet vulnerable and especially as a man I think it’s an important message to portray in today’s society.”

Cat Reynolds

Location: Ireland

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