Music Video: “Intentions” by Mr Little Jeans

Norwegian US-based indie singer/songwriter Mr Little Jeans comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating sonic creation that is “Intentions”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, she offers us a chance to explore a reality unlike anything else out there. The track flows with ease and manages to caress our senses with a gentle yet playful touch that invites us to explore more of what lies within it. There’s something quite intoxicating about the way in which the visuals and sounds complement each other, giving life to something unknown and so hypnotizing.

So listen, see and just dive into this world that she has crafted and fall prey to the sweet magic that makes it so special. Enjoy the adventure that awaits inside this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem!

“This is a song about our planet, global warming, my fears for the future, and also my shame for standing by doing very little to change the trajectory of where we’re headed.”

Mr Little Jeans

Location: USA / Norway

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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