“Garbage Love” by All Things Blue

Come hither and listen to the pop-rock sounds of “Garbage Love” courtesy of the talented indie act, All Things Blue. With this refreshing and instantly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a wonderful soundscape. The track flows with ease and caresses our senses in a way that is quite intoxicating and instantly mesmerizing. They understand what’s needed to really connect the dots and paint a picture that is vivid and true from start to end as they a tale so easy to connect with.

There’s no denying that this track has absolutely everything to be a must for any music lover and an instant hit among fans. So listen closely and fall prey to this wonderful taste of the musical ambrosia that is part of “Garbage Love”. Enjoy!

“Typically when I’m asked to decide between career and love life I choose career. I enjoy the time that working on projects fills and I love having the privilege to create art. However, nothing fully takes hold of my mind, barring me from the distressing thoughts of existential dread like the feeling of loving someone…”

India Coombs of All Things Blue

Location: USA

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