“i’d still die for u” by Jayde

From Canada comes the utterly fantastic and talented indie singer/songwriter Jayde with the bittersweet tale that is “i’d still die for u”. With this honest and down-to-earth story, she explores the truth behind break up and understands the sad reality that love doesn’t just fade away when things end. The way in which the melodies and lyrics complement each other allows the soundscape to perfectly unfold and pull us in. There’s something quite special about this soundscape that allows us to break down our walls and find a reflection of ourselves in it.

This track is an absolute gift as it caresses our senses and whispers words that are so raw and so human from the moment you press play. So listen closely and open your eyes as you fall prey to the sweet magic that makes this a must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

‘”i’d still die for u’ is a song about the emotional turmoil that comes along with a breakup. When you leave any sort of relationship, the love and compassion doesn’t typically disappear, at least for me it doesn’t. This song is a really beautiful conversation about how despite needing to give up on the relationship, you will always hold love for that person


Location: Canada

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