“Waves” by Jakke

Los Angeles based indie artist Jakke comes to the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with the absolutely captivating sonic creation that is “Waves”. With this refreshing mix of melodies and verses, he offers us a chance to find a spark that can make our days change for the better. The soundscape unfolds with such a natural touch of honesty, passion and fantastic lyricism making it a perfect addition for any playlist. There’s something about the track that just hits the spot as it caresses our senses and tells our imagination to break free. So listen closely and fall prey to this contemporary must-listen gem sure to be a fan favorite. Enjoy!

"...Let’s stand top of the waves
Let’s look the bull in the face
We’ll never be afraid
We’ll never be the same

Let’s float away from this place
Let’s leave alone with no trace
We’ll never feel the cage
We’ll never be the same"

Location: USA

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