“School Friends” by Novaa

From Germany comes the absolutely fantastic and talented indie singer/songwriter Novaa with “School Friends”. With this playful and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale that is sure to speak to all of us as it connects the past with the present in it’s own unique manner. The track flows with ease and caresses our senses with such grace and mesmerizing fashion making sure the experience is vivid from start to end. There’s something about the soundscape that feels quite easy to relate with as she intertwines the verses one after the other, allow the story to unfold quite nicely.

Not only that, but the visuals compliment the sounds beautifully making the entirety of the experience come together and become one. So listen closely and dive into the unknown yet familiar magic of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“Sometimes melodies or lyrics come to me in dreams. Mostly it’s only fragments, but back in winter 2020 I was dreaming of a music video with a whole chorus. I remember that I was running through a hall way in a school guided by the chorus of ‘School Friends’.

When I woke up I recorded the idea on my phone, it got stuck in my head and when I got to my studio a couple of days later I recorded it. This song is probably the most fun one to me on this record. I don’t have the best memories of my time in school, I mostly felt like an outcast, but this song makes it lighter and helps me find peace with that. I hope it does that for others too.“


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