“Boulevards” by Nares

Up-and-coming Canadian indie singer/songwriter Nares comes to us with the nostalgic sonic creation that is “Boulevards”. With this refreshing and honest showcase of feelings and emotions, she explores the harsh reality of young love and how at times, it can be hard to move on. The track caresses our senses gently and with a warmth that seems to wish for us to find the right one and to not know the sadness she felt. There’s something quite exquisite and hypnotizing about this soundscape that only grows more and more as the melodies and lyrics become one and the story comes alive and takes over the airwaves that surround us.

So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet dose of magic that makes this track not only so special but an absolute must for any music lover. Enjoy the musical escapade that is “Boulevards” by Nares!

Location: Canada

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