A Double Dose of … The Royal Foundry

Canadian indie band The Royal Foundry come back to Wolf in a Suit and they deliver a fantastic sonic adventure sure to grab a hold of all who listen. Their tracks mingle with the pop and rock genre in such an intoxicating and refreshing manner that plays with our senses and offers us an escape for our imagination. “Listen to the beat” is an exquisitely crafted blend of melodies and lyrics that feels both classic and contemporary and so electrifying from start to end. The track is absolute perfection and serves as a door that opens for you to explore a world made of the most fantastic sounds. Plus, there’s something about it that pushes you to sing along as you play some of the sickest air guitar/drums/bass and have one hell of a good time. This track is a personal favorite and has found a home within my personal playlist and I highly recommend you do the same.

“We were driving straight from Nashville back to Canada in the middle of the pandemic – a 32-hour drive. And during the worst of it, in the middle of the night, in the middle of North Dakota, we started just singing out loud and listening to older demos. But then what started as a joke turned into a full-fledged sing-at-the-top-your-lungs-in-a-small-space-to-keep-us-awake and we just started signing the chorus and verse two together while air drumming our way across the border.”

The Royal Foundry

Location: Canada

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And now… “Hello Dreamer Baby”

And now for another taste of this music feast they keep on giving, say hello to “Hello Dreamer Baby”. With this soundscape, they offer us a chance to embrace the sweet inspiring magic that lies within it as it speaks to our hearts and souls. There’s something about this track that just puts you in a good mood and invites yo smile and realize that all you’ve dreamed off can be yours if you push forward. They understood what music needed from them and they gave their fans mesmerizing escapes from reality that manage to speak to us and really motivate us all. So listen closely to this sonic gem and the first one that shows up on this post and embrace the sweet unknown that makes them both so special and hypnotizing. Enjoy!

“ are made to be that which you dream to be. No matter how you get there, who you meet along the way, or how many detours it takes - it will always be waiting for you, so try and try and try and try”

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