“Ciao” by Charles Fauna

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Charles Fauna comes to Wolf in a Suit with the danceable sonic creation that is “Ciao”. With this exquisite and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a track that has everything to pull you in and fill you with positive vibes. There’s something about it that feels quite inspiring, empowering and beautifully charming and fun as it pulls you to explore an unknown world. Plus, his voice is just so fantastic and the saxophone adds a nice touch to the soundscape, making it so much more mesmerizing from start to end and a joy to hear. So listen closely and just dive into the unknown and fall prey to the magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“‘Ciao’ is both “hello” and “goodbye” in Italian which I felt spoke to the heart of this song. One thing ends and another thing begins. Creation and destruction. The cycles of life. At the end of a relatively dark record about loneliness, soul searching and change, Ciao invites the listener, like the protagonist, to shut up and dance.”

Charles Fauna

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