“Real for you” by Future Husband

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented Adura Sulaiman AKA Future Husband with the bittersweet sonic creation that is “Real for you”. With this stunning showcase of feelings and emotions, she explores the harsh reality of a heart breaking. The track is pure and manages to perfectly showcase the pain and sadness of this experience in a way that is simply so awe-inspiring and raw. She blends melodies and lyrics and allows this union to take over the airwaves that surround us and grab a hold of our hearts and souls with a warm yet firm grasp.

There’s something about that simply understands how to connect the dots and speak to our senses, transporting us to this tale that is so hers and so ours as well. So listen closely and fall prey to the intoxicating magic of this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Netherlands

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 The song originated as an acoustic guitar track. Playing a song with just vocals and a guitar always gives me a very personal, close, and classic relationship to a song. The noise, synths, and everything that happens at the end of the song symbolize the emotions that I went through.”

Future Husband

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