“As Long As I Can’t See You” by Heir

UK-based indie band Heir comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with a uniquely honest and relatable sonic creation, say hello “As long as I can’t see you”. With this refreshing and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the reality of seeing somebody that use to be special to you and realizing that the situation is awkward but not surreal or impossible to manage. There’s something quite inspiring about the approach taken within the track that allows us all to find a bit of ourselves within the tale they are giving life to.

The soundscape flows with natural ease through the airwaves while caressing our senses and giving our imagination a welcomed dose of reality. So listen closely and dive into this tale that they crafted with such care and honest feelings. Enjoy the magic found within this contemporary must-listen gem.

Location: United Kingdom

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“I think when an ex-girlfriend unexpectedly turns up to one of your shows with her new boyfriend it’s sort of crying out to be written about. It’s probably the swiftest lyric we’ve ever written actually. The experience was so vivid and bizarre that we found ourselves being happy to be quite literal with the storytelling – it opened up a new approach to songwriting really i.e. if you can tell it exactly how it was then do.”


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