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“Outside” by PENNY

UK-based indie singer/songwriter PENNY comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time and lands with the sonic creation that is “Outside”. With this absolutely amazing and hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, she offers us a chance to escape from reality and explore this world she has crafted. Her voice has the perfect amount of passion, warmth and that unknown that’s needed to make the song stand out within the pop genre with such naturality and ease. The soundscape is absolute perfection from start to end as it plays with our senses with catchy and playful sounds. Lyrically though, the track is powerful and raw as it explores within the person and how jealousy can be confused with obsession and even lust. So listen closely and dive into this mesmerizing reality she has crafted making this a must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

“It feels like so long ago since I wrote Outside, but usually, when I write something, it’s because I need to find a way to process my emotions – it’s kind of like therapy to me. The song is all about jealousy, and how I became borderline obsessed with my ex’s ex. I found myself wondering whether my jealousy towards her was actually lust – the whole “do I want to be you, or be with you?” thing. However, in writing the song and looking at the situation through an ‘outside’ perspective, I came to realise how ridiculous this was, and that I am really quite perfect just the way I am.”


Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE


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